• crowetic

    I have noticed that this algo in particular is VERY touchy with the 'intensity' (in ccminer, -i (number)) setting...

    Some of my machines I need to start at 16, some work best at 22... and there seems to be not much in the way of rhyme or reason to it.

    My suggestions...

    • Start at a low intensity and move up slowly until you find your 'sweet spot'
    • Watch the Wattage on the cards
    • A better quality PSU and CPU seem to make a difference, so if possible, get better quality PSU most importantly, then if still having issues, a new CPU may assist.
    • Mostly though, my PSU seems to be biggest factor, the better the PSU, the higher intensity and hashrate I can achieve.

    This algo is a lot of fun to play with, even just tweaking the intensity alone, lots of new and exciting things can happen!


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