• Charlie

    Was a bunch of work and quite some time coming, but is finally ready! Not many Ravencoin PPLNS pools out there ;)

    Pool Page:


    Payment Type: PPLNS >

    Location: Global (Anycast network)

    DDOS Protection: Yes

    Latency Test:

    Fee: 1%

    Payments: 10 minutes after block confirmation (101 confirms)


    Pool OP: "Charlie"


    Sample config line:


    ccminer -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RYFjgPdU3nj5jNhiQ8dSJdCppZS5wcmY4r.lappy -i 19

    Notification system is in progress and won't be much longer!

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  • Charlie

    Hi all, I have opened a new block explorer using Unders Ravencore stack, and it is excellent! Our new pool had 3i coded in as the go to explorer but it not really maintained at this time. So I made the decision to open our own that we can maintain and make sure stays up to date.

    Also very cool is the new pool is now being coded into miningcore and will be the go to pool for any new miningcore RVN pools!

    Check it out here: Virtopia RVN Explorer

    If you find any bugs or issues give me a holler here or on Discord.

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