Hi All,

My name is Shane from The AIOMiner Team. I am pleased to present to you our mining software, The AIOMiner.

We got sick of:
-Messing with Batch Files
-Having a different miner for each algorithm
-Having a different miner for Nvidia and AMD
-Have nowhere to turn for help

All we wanted was a single mining tool that is easy for anyone to use, was compatible with both AMD and Nvidia GPUs, can mine any coin, is constantly maintained and optimized, and has a great support team! We couldn’t find that anywhere, so we decided to create it! Check it out:

AIOMiner Alpha 7c
-Community Driven
-Easy Setup
-AMD and Nvidia Compatible (Mixed Rig Too!)
-Mine Anything Listed on WhatToMine (coins are constantly being added on top of this)
-No Fees*
-Auto Crash Recovery
-Text and Email Alerts
-Advanced User Settings
-Integrated Coin Prices
-Integrated Miners (Claymore, EWBF, etc.)
-Windows 10 Compatible (Linux is on the roadmap)
-24/7 Access to our support team via Discord
-And Much More!

We don’t have any developer fee of our own, but some of our integrated miners do have their own fee that we have not removed

Note: Windows Defender MIGHT flag the AIOMiner due to the integrated mining tools and how they function. We are currently working with Microsoft to resolve the issues and become whitelisted on Windows Defender.

2nd Note: While we are NOT open-sourced yet (we will be at first Beta release), we do not lock down our files, so you could open them up if you wanted to take a look at the code.

Download Now: https://mega.nz/#!Vcp3BSyC!wI-B66CsPIAQ3wtMqFtU1zsVxaI8sMuA0FlLdSQSlXs

Removed *'s next to active pools, it just created weird issues. we will re-visit this at a later date
Added pop-up when a new version of AIOMiner is available
Added pop-up when new mining software was available
Removed Auto Update of AIOMiner.exe
Added an alert if AIOMiner starts, but finds no GPU's
Added the ability to add new Settings to AIOSettings, without blowing away your settings
Fixed an issue where if you first started AIOMiner and attempted to hit start, it would be blank. It will now default to the name "Donate" if nothing is populated.
Changed the "New To Mining" coins to be Eth Classic, and Bitcoin Gold
Fixed an issue where you could add a <BLANK> custom coin name

Bug Fixes
Can't start with no GPU's
WTM List over populates
Resize tab in lower right corner of AIOMiner window does nothing.
AIOMiner GUI does not display correctly at start up.
TestPool fails to run
TimedMining 6PMM will now be 6PM

Dev Notes: Updates for Miners and Applications will occur every 30 Minutes unless you click on the X, then it won't show until you restart AIOMiner

How to Update
Within AIOMiner.rar: Updater.exe

8.5.2 - 2/5/2019 new

AIOMiner.com Subscribers no longer see advertisements
Fixed Links for EthPill
API Additions to send rig uptime, and aiominer version to be shown under rig properties on aiominer.com
Fixed Slow loading times with 8.5.0

Fixed bug's with API Spitting out errors about connections that don't matter
Fixed Restart/Reboot Bugs from AIOMiner.com
Created Debug Mode. Now if you are having issues getting the right settings going, you can enable debug mode to see why a miner closed to assist you
Fixed Phoenix API Bug
Fixed ProgPow's KH/s to MH/s
Added in API Support for all supported Miners
Added in Signed SSL Cert from AIO INC

AIOMiner_Installer.exe is now SSL Cert Signed to AIO INC

Fixed bug where WhatToMine wouldn't show for 380 Cards
Fixed a bug where BMiner wouldn't shut down
Fixed a bug where uptime would reset after 59 minutes, it will now show DD
Fixed a bug where new users would get new miner process, but old miners and would force them to update even though they just downloaded
Updated GMiner to now report in G/s vs SOL/s when mining CuckaRoo29 (GRIN)
Logs can now be expanded/retracted to see what they say vs clearing them
Benchmark Updated
-- Removed Lyra2REv2
-- Removed CNv7
-- Added CNHaven
-- Added CNFast
-- Added Aion
-- Added BCD
-- Added X22i
-- Added MTP
-- Added Cuckaroo29
Moved Debug Mode to be a checkbox and make start button larger
Added System Uptime X
X : X display on the front of AIOMiner
Added Mining Uptime X
X : X display on the front of AIOMiner
Added API support for WildRig Multi
Added API support BMiner
Added API support for SRBMiner
Added API support for VEOMiner
Removed profit support for 750 ti, and AMD 280
Added profit support for 2070