UPDATE: Easy to download zipped versions now available
Download and unzip, then go to step 5.

Start by going to Github

Step 1.
Click on the exe file.
Do not right click and Save link as.

Step 2.
Click on the download button.

Step 3.
Click Save File.

Step 4.
Repeat for all the 4 exe files.

Step 5.
Now double click on raven-qt.exe to launch the wallet.
Wallet should launch and we get a screen asking were to save the data files, default is fine.

Step 6.
Our wallet should now be syncing.

If the sync stops, check time and date setting, daylight saving also need to be correctly set.
If sync does not start, add nodes.

Wallet does not start:
Windows: %AppData%/Roaming/Raven
Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Raven

Press win + R
Type in: %appdata% and press enter.
Navigate to Raven folder

Press: Shift + cmd + G (Go to Folder)
type in: ~/Library/Application Support/Raven
Press Go

Make a backup of wallet.dat, if you have not already.

Then move Raven folder to desktop.
Start wallet Raven-qt.exe, it should now open correctly and sync up.
Once it is synced up, quit wallet, wait for it to close down.
Now replace the fresh wallet.dat, with your backp/the one we have in Raven folder on the desktop from the step above.
Open wallet, if it does not work, you need to try a older backup of wallet.dat.

Check guide on backup and restore linked on Discord #rvn-community.