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  • blockchange

    @mrsdelish im getting about 12-17 based on algo for my 1080tis as well. 170w no OC.

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  • blockchange

    people are blowing up the discord asking about hashrates. here is a list.

    TitanV - 32mh to 21mh
    1080Ti - 14-19mh
    1070Ti - 9.9 - 13mh
    1070 8.5 - 11mh
    1080 8 - 10mh
    1060 3.5-4.5

    RX Vega 64 - Max was 16.3MH and averaged 12-13MH
    RX580 8GB - Max was 7.8MH and average was 6.2MH

    provided by bitsbetrippin.

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  • blockchange

    you should set up that 2FA for the mods like you were planning. not a priority though.

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  • twytch101

    As you all have probably experienced a crash or 2 getting up and running with the new algo, i would like to supply a few common answers and hope others will add to it as we move along. CHEERS!

    1. Your usual OC will probably die pretty quick in these mines. Stock clocks and super mild clocks are the answer here.

    2. That TDP has to stay down, the power spikes that come with this algo are fast and hard, keep your TDP around 70-75% and you should be good to go if you have the overhead on your PSU.

    3. I have gained a recognizable amount of stability after using profile inspector to set power managment to “performance preferred” YMMV.

    4. As the hash is being spread around, its common for some pools to go down momentarily. Set up a failover script to handle this situation.

    Anything else you can add, please do!

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  • blockchange

    Lol just happy the forums back up!

    Let us know when we can spread the word.

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