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Forum software and SSL update complete. Thank you.

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General Raven Discussions

Anypay Physical Retail Integration

Hello Ravencoin!

Steven Zeiler from here, looking to integrate ravencoin support into our crypto retail network of several hundred businesses.

Who here wants to use Ravencoin in real life businesses?

We need a host to run a full node we can access during development.

If you can help by providing a full node we can start integration faster. We are more than glad to pay crypto for a solid node with secure json rpc access.

We also need a backend developer to build a plugin to our platform. The plugin will monitor the Ravencoin blockchain and notify Anypay of any new payments in the p2p network.

Plenty of crypto available for talented, focussed software devs and node hosts looking to contribute short term.

Stoked to be here, accelerating the currency evolution.

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Talk about RVN Mining here!

Types of hardware to mine ravencoin?

Types of hardware to mine ravencoin? GPU, yes and cpu, but are there dedicated miners like the ones on bitmain with much higher hash rates?

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Notice issues? Got a Question? Here is the place!

where i can post the logo design?

Hi,I found that Ravencoin are looking for new logo design. I would like to do some contribution on that. I designed three options but did not find any place that could submit, the notice information on Github says "propose the idea or document to the Ravencoin forum". So I would like ask where i should post in the forum?

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Want another language section?

If you would like another section dedicated to another language, post here. Thank you!

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Scavenger Hunt

I spent a week of to trying to solve this 5 BTC puzzle and had a lot of fun. My old notes here..

It would be fun to do hidden raven puzzle art.

[CoinGuyBri puzzle notes](http://talk

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