Announcements regarding our community

starting to liven up the forum

would like this place to become a great long-term link and information location for RVN community.

any suggestions and improvement ideas welcome!

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General Raven Discussions

RVN focused game platform launching shortly

Hello all, wanted to make everyone aware of the new gaming platform that is going to be launching supporting RVN.

I am not going to post the https: yet, but I will come back and post it shortly.

The game is a bustabit-style crash game that's a lot of fun. Excited to announce it shortly public!

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Talk about RVN Mining here!


Ravencoin (RVN) mining pools are Online at 2Miners!


100% Nicehash support

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Notice issues? Got a Question? Here is the place!

where i can post the logo design?

I think you should contact directly administrators.

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Want another language section?

I assume that noone wanted to create such subforum. Maybe you do know some raven forums in other languages?

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Scavenger Hunt

I spent a week of to trying to solve this 5 BTC puzzle and had a lot of fun. My old notes here..

It would be fun to do hidden raven puzzle art.

[CoinGuyBri puzzle notes](http://talk

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