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Forum software and SSL update complete. Thank you.

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General Raven Discussions

RVN focused game platform launching shortly

Hello all, wanted to make everyone aware of the new gaming platform that is going to be launching supporting RVN.

I am not going to post the https: yet, but I will come back and post it shortly.

The game is a bustabit-style crash game that's a lot of fun. Excited to announce it shortly public!

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Talk about RVN Mining here!

[Automatic Mining App] [GPU] [NVIDIA] Manage Rigs - boost your mining profit!

ManageRigs Miner Control App

What is it?

ManageRigs Miner Control App is an application that increases the income of your mining rigs. Earn more than online calculators predicts.
We manage your rigs and mining-related processes. Safely, remotely, effectively.

How much is it?

ManageRigs Miner Control App is Free.

DevFee 0.5% in ALL your rigs.

How to manage this app?

ManageRigs Miner Control App is working automatically. You simply run it and get your weekly or day profit.

Who are we?

A team of developers and miners, which developed a product that maximizes mining profits.

How do we do that?

automatic switching between profitable currencies and algos
algorythmic trading to gain maximum profit
stop loss protection
uninterruptable operation provided by 24/7 monitoring
You can added etherscan and token explorer in all your wallet.
and more

What do I need to start?

Download our miner app from Mega
Download Link - Download Manage Rigs

Extract zip archive
Run ManageRigs.exe (or ManageRigs for Linux)

Add ur rigs. (good bye teamveiwer) add configs/
Add ur eth,etc,btc, and more etc wallet.

How to report bugs and issues?

PM please and contact in program.

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Notice issues? Got a Question? Here is the place!

where i can post the logo design?

Hi,I found that Ravencoin are looking for new logo design. I would like to do some contribution on that. I designed three options but did not find any place that could submit, the notice information on Github says "propose the idea or document to the Ravencoin forum". So I would like ask where i should post in the forum?

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Want another language section?

If you would like another section dedicated to another language, post here. Thank you!

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Scavenger Hunt

I spent a week of to trying to solve this 5 BTC puzzle and had a lot of fun. My old notes here..

It would be fun to do hidden raven puzzle art.

[CoinGuyBri puzzle notes](http://talk

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